Gargoyles: Side Characters In The Show, Part 2

Part 2 of a discussion of various side characters and their roles in the Disney TV show Gargoyles.

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Welcome to Part 2 of side characters in Gargoyles (and my final post about the series). These are some of the more important ones in the show, as they frequently appear throughout.

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  • Derek/Talon is Elisa’s brother, and they share a pretty good relationship. He accepts a job offer from Xanatos (back when he’s still an antagonist), and keeps it even after learning who he is. He doesn’t break away until Xanatos’ hired scientist, Dr. Sevarius, accidentally turns him into a gargoyle with extra features (flying and electricity). Unfortunately, the transformation is permanent. Initially, he’s hostile towards Goliath’s clan, blaming them for his transformation. But eventually, he ends up leading the other transformed humans, though takes a mutiny from one of his own. He also ends up dating Brooklyn’s friend Maggie, who’s definitely the heart of his own clan.


  • Demona is a blue gargoyle whose most notable feature is a fringe of red around her black hair. While she’s definitely an antagonist, she’s also one of the most complicated characters. She hates humans and consistently tries to get rid of them, always blaming Goliath for keeping her from doing so. Her life has been interesting since losing her clan. She created the Hunter (who continues to seek after her for all eternity) and formed a magical bond with Macbeth (yep — the one from Shakespeare) where they can feel each other’s pain and one’s life will only end when the other does. However, while Macbeth moves on, Demona doesn’t. After teaming up with Thailog (Goliath’s clone), she largely disappears, except for a few critical episodes. One is where she turns against Thailog after he replaces her with a subservient clone. This incident shows that basically the only good part about her is that she loves her daughter. The second is when she tries to trick Angela into leaving the clan and staying on her side. In the end, though she regrets her actions, she’ll never stop trying to destroy humans. Goliath implies that she may be one of those beings who tries all their lives to change, but who may never reach that point.


  • Coldstone is a gargoyle who’s half gargoyle, half machine. He’s a member of Goliath’s clan who Demona and Xanatos resuscitate, back when the two are working together. Problem is, he has multiple personalities, and one of those is evil. When that side is in control, he turns against his brother and his clan. Demona and Macbeth revive him when they’re working together, and his evil personality disappears. At the end of that episode, he goes off to try to get ahold of his multiple personalities. Eventually, Xanatos (with help from Puck) creates two other gargoyles, Coldsteel and Goldfire, to house the other personalities. Goldfire and Coldstone (who were the gargoyle equivalent of husband and wife) then go off to subdue their evil counterpart. However, they do promise to rejoin the clan — and they might, since humans have finally accepted them.


  • Yep — this is the same one from Shakespeare’s play. Through a convoluted set of circumstances, he and Demona end up in a magical bond with unfortunate parameters. Initially, he’s hunting Demona for turning against him (he lost the love of his life, so it’s understandable). But thanks to the Weird Sisters, he ends up working with Demona until the effects of the spell wear off. His only aim is to get revenge, and it almost costs him his life. Somehow, he ends up in Paris, and marries “Dominique” (Demona in human form). Until she reveals herself, and they wind up in another battle. However, thanks to Goliath, he ends up seeing that there’s more to life than just simple revenge. In his last appearance, he’s a historian named Lennox Macduff who defends the gargoyles in Season 3. Unlike his former partner, he’s able to move beyond his hatred, and begin a new life.

Matt Bluestone

  • Matt Bluestone is a tall, red-haired cop with an obsession with conspiracy theories. He becomes Elisa’s partner (initially reluctantly), and proves smart and capable, especially in the episode with the Illuminati. Partway through Season 2, he learns about the gargoyles, and is trusted to keep their secret. Even when anti-gargoyle sentiment is on the rise, he still works with Elisa to keep the gargoyles safe. For a while, there’s an implication that his and Elisa’s relationship might turn to romance, but it never does. Honestly, they function much better as friends.

The Weird Sisters

  • The Weird Sisters are … well, the same ones from Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth. Like the other Children of Oberon, their morality is … really weird. They play an important role in helping solve the New-York-turned-to-stone problem by taking Demona and Macbeth out of the picture (although enchanting them to get along probably wasn’t the best solution). In their next appearance, they’re attacking Avalon along with the Archmage, as it’s the realm of their master, Oberon. They’re at his side when he tries to reconquer it, and don’t seem happy when the humans end up winning. Their last appearance is during The Gathering, when Oberon is calling back all his children and Puck refuses to come. Following the end of the series, it’s likely they’re back with their master, doing his bidding as always

The Pack

  • The Pack is a group of TV stars specifically created by Xanatos and led by his love, Fox. Coyote (actually robot Xanatos) becomes their leader after Fox stays in jail. But he’s destroyed when real Xanatos tries capture the real Coyote for immortality reasons. Jackal and Hyena are brother and sister, who are basically twin forces of chaos. They’re foiled time and again by the gargoyles. First in Egypt, when Xanatos is trying to gain immortality. Then in Guatemala, when they’re working for Cyberbiotics. Finally, in Hollywood, where they’re presumably thrown in jail for good. Wolf disappears until he’s possessed by Hakon (a Viking who attacked Castle Wyvern and destroyed Goliath’s clan). With his help, he attacks Goliath’s clan one final time. Like Jackal and Hyena, he’s likely in jail for the rest of his life. 
  • In contrast to the others (well, minus Fox), Dingo actually changes. He ends up in Australia, where he’s working for Fox, helping to keep something called the Matrix contained. Naturally, the Matrix goes out of control, and he’s instrumental in stopping it. In the end, he joins with Matrix to teach him law and order, and begins a new life as a hero of Australia.


  • Thailog is a clone of Goliath, created by Xanatos and modeled after his own personality (before his big change). Naturally, being Xanatos’ evil kid, he turns on him and begins his own life. He teames up with Demona in a twisted romance to gain fabulous wealth. Then, he apparently dies when she turns on him after he creates a subservient clone hybrid to replace her. His actual death is tragic. He (along with the other clones) are infected with a virus that turns them to stone permanently. At death’s door, he admits that he enjoyed fighting Goliath. For him, that’s basically the equivalent of saying he cared for him. But since he was fundamentally evil, he’s not in a place of honor on the parapets like the other clones. They, at least, were just too naïve to know that they didn’t have to follow someone like Thailog.

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