Gargoyles: Side Characters In The Show, Part 1

Part One of a discussion of various side characters in the Disney TV show Gargoyles and their role in the series.

Hi everyone! This next (and last) post on Gargoyles is actually another two-parter. That’s because … well, there are a lot of side characters in this show.

In any case, I hope y’all enjoy!


  • Owen is a tall, blond-haired assistant of Xanatos, one of the few people he initially cares about. He is extremely competent in many things and will go to any lengths to carry out his master’s wishes. In the second season, he turns out to be Puck (yep — the one from A Midsummer Night’s Dream). Earlier in the show, he helped Demona and then “cursed” (according to him, blessed) her to be human by day. Basically, he used to work for Cyberbiotics, but then grew bored and started working for Xanatos and Fox instead. In his words: “they’re many things, but never boring.” But since he rebelled against Oberon, he has to stay in the human world forever. He can only use his magic while training or protecting Alex Xanatos. In his last appearance as Puck, he uses his magic to separate Coldstone’s personalities into three gargoyles (he’s a member of Goliath’s clan with a split personality issue). For the rest of the series, he stays Xanatos’ assistant, loyal as ever.

The Magus (along with Princess Katherine and Tom)

  • The Magus is the magician from Castle Wyvern who accidentally cursed Goliath’s clan when he thinks they killed Princess Katherine. He journeys to Avalon with her and Tom, a young boy fascinated by the gargoyles. Unfortunately, he has to watch as Princess Katherine and Tom raise the gargoyles together, eventually becoming husband and wife. During Season 2, he sacrifices his life to protect Avalon from the Weird Sisters (yup — the ones from Shakespeare), and is honored as a hero. And yet, despite his hero’s death, his story is tragic because of his unrequited love for Princess Katherine.

The Captain and Hakon

  • The Captain is Captain of the Guard at Castle Wyvern. He helped the Viking Hakon take over the castle due to his hatred for gargoyles. While Hakon is forced into an afterlife after taking over Wolf’s body (a member of the Pack — the group Xanatos formed to hunt the gargoyles), the Captain shows true remorse for his actions. In doing so, he prevents Hakon from ever gaining form in the mortal world. In return, Goliath forgives him for what he did to his clan.

Odin’s Eye and the Phoenix Gate

  • Odin’s Eye and the Phoenix Gate are two magical artifacts that give the main characters a lot of trouble. Odin’s Eye initially shows up during the episode when Fox becomes Xanatos’ fiancée … and accidentally transforms her into a werewolf. That episode is important for two reasons. It introduces the artifact in the first place, and starts Xanatos’ redemption arc. The Phoenix Gate shows up during a time-travel episode. There, it’s shown that Demona (Goliath’s former love) will never change, and that Xanatos future gave Xanatos past the key to his fortune. Odin’s Eye eventually ends up with Odin himself. But not before Goliath uses it and becomes a creepy, overprotective version of himself. The Phoenix Gate ends up in Goliath’s hands (claws?) after the Archmage tries to defeat the gargoyles in Avalon. He sends it to drift through time after Puck tries to use it to take over Manhattan

Oberon and Titania (yup — the ones from Shakespeare)

  • The rulers of … what is basically fairyland (Avalon — yes, the same one from King Arthur). Their first appearance is in the very first Avalon episode, when Oberon is trying to take his realm back from the gargoyles. Initially, it seems like Titania is nothing more than a dutiful wife. But then, it’s shown that she’s manipulating the strings behind Oberon’s back the entire time. She gives the gargoyles the way to defeat Oberon (“sounding the knell of his defeat”). That’s not the only time. In the magical reveals episode, she’s not mad (after all) that Alexander Xanatos will be staying in the mortal realm. Everything worked out exactly as she wanted it.
  • Like all of their kind, they’re pretty amoral, although they do seem to have a somewhat functioning relationship.

The Quarrymen (Vinnie and Castaway)

  • The Quarrymen are a radical anti-gargoyle organization that forms in Season 3 after the gargoyles reveal themselves to the public. They’re the main antagonist throughout the third season, and come close to killing the main characters on multiple occasions. Vinnie is pulled in by mistake, but still has a conscience and realizes what he’s done. He’s a bit of a dimwit, but protects the gargoyles when his leader is about to kill them.
  • In contrast, Castaway is the leader and most fervent member of the Quarrymen. He’s unfortunately incredibly charismatic, able to attract people to his side by arousing their fear and suspicion of gargoyles. In the final episode, he’s taken to jail, where he’ll presumably spend the rest of his days.


  • Jeffrey is a blind African-American author who is Hudson’s friend (the warrior gargoyle and former leader of Goliath’s clan). He appears in two episodes. One involves the Scrolls of Merlin, where he meets Hudson. The other is when Hudson has glaucoma and is too proud to tell anyone about it. He’s honest, and will always tell him when he’s wrong (which is exactly what such a stubborn gargoyle needs).

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